Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Greener Shopping is on the Grow

Lately it seems like the media is just swarming about reusable shopping bags. Now don't get me wrong, the bags are nothing new, but recently the trend has really taken off, and not just at Whole Foods (though the "Green Grocer" is probably the leader in the movement). Word is that they will not offer any paper or plastic to put your groceries in after Earth Day this year. (April 22, 2008)
But more and more cities are trying to move away from the plastic disposable bags that seem to always end up blowing down the road. The city of Roseville California is trying to encourage the use of reuseable bags by giving them away for free, and more cities are sure to follow. San Francisco has banned the biodegradable-resistant bags all together, and anti-bag bills are also being considered in Boston, Baltimore, Annapolis, Portland, Santa Monica, and Oakland. Even New York, America's largest city which uses an estimated 1 billion plastic bags per year is also taking steps to reduce by requiring large stores to offer bag recycling, and print pro-recycling messages on them.
Here's my top picks if you'd like to pick up a few re-usable bags for yourself!