Thursday, January 31, 2008

Handmade in the Headlines

Perhaps you are already familiar with the fabulous online handmade sellers site Etsy. They were in the headlines this morning, for the first time that I know of. (Correct me faithful Etsyians if I'm wrong!) The article said that they are receiving an inflow of 27 million for expansion into more languages and currencies, improve search and checkout functions, and other "next step" goals for a growing internet company.

Etsy has an excellent business model that's strength lies not in how many buyers and sellers are in it's lists, but the loyalty and frequency of those members. When you go to the site you can feel what a community is there, and that people are committed to helping eachother's businesses and promoting "handmade" as a trade. Unlike e-bay, the site is uncluttered, un-junky, and people really care about making the best offerings possible. There are no mega-store sellers, just artisans who love what they make.You should see the care and creativity people use in posting the pictures of their beloved wares!

I'm glad Etsy got a fresh inflow of cash. Going global is a great move for them. I just hope they can maintain the high quality, and community of the sellers as they expand.

By the way, if you're looking for a unique valentine gift you are sure to find one there!


Anonymous said...

I just made my first Etsyian purchase. Glad to be giving my money to a crafter instead of Walmart.