Monday, January 28, 2008

Why you NEED to get rid of TV!

There is a TV at my house. It is mainly used for entertaining my 2 year old for brief periods while I shower or try to get a quick chore done. That amounts to probably 2 half-hour movies a day.

My husband and I do watch movies; we have Netflix, which is awesome. But even more awesome than getting movies in the mail is the now unlimited streaming videos we can get from their website. (Well, okay, I do like getting the new releases on DVD too!)

So we pay for Netflix, BUT we do not pay for cable, DISH, or movie rentals. You would not believe how much money this saves us! We used to get cable ($30/mo) and rent at least one movie per week ($3.50/wk) and I thought we were doing pretty well. That is really almost $50 a month, and most of what we watched on cable was junk and a time waster! And I know so many families who pay much more, get the TiVo and whatnot, and either don't use it effectively, waste way more time, or still end up renting movies from a local store. This is not thrifty! And I don't just mean with your dollars, but your time too!

Here's what you should do...
Write down what your favorite shows are; the ones you can't miss, and what channel they are on. ABC, NBC and the other major channels are now putting their most popular shows online to be streamed, so if your show is on one of these channels you should probably be watching them online anyway, because you can watch whenever you want!

Now, if you can wait a few months to watch your shows, Netflix has all the shows that are on DVD, so you can have those sent to you as soon as they are released. I've also found past TV shows on youtube, and myspace. I'm sure if you do a little bit of hunting around, almost any show can be found available on the internet.

So what is the major flaw in this ingenious plot? Well, frankly, it's sports. While I understand there are many men out there who like to TiVo the game, I don't see how that can be nearly as thrilling. The whole point of watching sports is to find out who wins, and enjoy the game at the same time as millions of other people! It is possible that even without paying for channels that you may get the ones you need for watching football and whatever else. But if you don't, not having cable could really cramp your watching. Ways that my family has worked around this have been going to a public restaurant famous for it's great TVs (the game is always on there), or getting ourselves invited to a friend's house for the game. (making really great guacamole helps!)

But we are not huge sports fanatics, so we haven't really felt like we've missed much. The money and time savings of only watching what we really want to watch has been a huge improvement in our quality of life.

You can do it too! Get Netflix or Blockbuster Online, dump your cable or DISH, find your other favorite shows online and I promise you won't miss the junk!