Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Girly Stuff

What could be better than nice stuff that only costs a buck?! Well, nothing really! Okay, I totally admit that I am a sucker for things that cost a dollar. The Target $1 Spot snaggs me every time! Only paying a dollar really appeals to my inner thriftyness and finding something that is so cute makes it irresistable! I'm sure, by now you have already heard of, where all their makeup, brushes etc. only costs $1. Well, while I was shopping on their site I found these fabulous coupon codes that I just thought you might like to know about.

EGVALCC -Get a heart pendant FREE on any order $20 or more. Expires 3/1/2008
EGVALEC-Get a $25 gift card with any $20 or more elf purchase. Expires 3/1/2008
EGVALHC-FREE $20 Dale & Thomas Gift Card with any order. Expires 3/1/2008
EGTINAC- FREE Candy Shop Lip Tin in Cherry Bomb with any purchase. Expires 3/1/2008
Candy Lip Tin from eyeslipsface
Just enter the code when you check out! Yeah, super-good deals! And that Candy Lip Tin is super cute! I'm totally snagging some!