Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is Dinner Ready Yet?

So I know everyone struggles with what to make for dinner, and then there's the actual putting everything together and getting it on the table on time. I'm a big time "Make two, eat one and freeze one" type when it comes to dinner prep. This works great for casseroles, as my HH and I do not eat much. I will make the recipe for one batch, but split it into 2 bake dishes, cooking one for that night's dinner, and freezing the other for next week sometime. Making large pots of soup and chili also makes freezing some for later a breeze.

Lately I have been looking to expand my repetoire (as I pretty much always am) and was happy to find my friend K has some good recipes on her blog. She is very into whole food cooking, and is on a pretty strict low-sodium diet, so if you are one of many who have those concerns be sure to check her out!