Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Micro-Blogging is for Nerds

If you aren't already familiar with micro-blogging, the main idea is that it's social networking via text messaging whatever you are doing (on a frequent basis) to your host (ex: Twitter, Jaiku) so your friends can see what you're up to right now. You can text in on your cell, IM it, e-mail it, whatever you want, as long as it's short, less than 200 characters, in most cases.

So what do people really do with this? Well, typically people do it when they are bored. Or lonely. So, pretty much, if you look at a friend's micro-blog you will see some pretty lame stuff. If you find cool stuff, it's probably because they did it on purpose so they could micro-blog about it. Nerdy!

Hopefully people are doing it in order to share their life with friends and the average wanderer. Maybe they are trying to make their activies more personal.

"Well, how is that not like MySpace?" you say. Well, MySpace is a homepage for people who can't make their own website, which is a lot of people. It works because people want to see what music, videos and artists their friends are into. Micro-blogging is for people who want to text someone but don't have any friends. It doesn't work because friends don't really care that you are waiting to get your oil changed, or are riding the bus.

When I asked an advid micro-blogger why he spent so much time doing it, he said that sometimes he wanted to record a thought but couldn't write a whole blog post about it. I rather cruelly challenged him to whether or not the thought was worth sharing if you couldn't make a paragraph out of it. His responce was that it's an opportunity to make conversation, that people can view your thoughts and instantly respond. Kinda sounds like texting, or instant messenging to me.

I try to avoid those time wasters usually, though I will at least admit that they are fun. If you're thinking about getting into micro-blogging, it's probably because you are bored. Why not instead messenge a friend, or re-do your MySpace or something? It's more personal.


Drakor said...

Perhaps your view on this a bit jaded? Or perhaps you never have had a thought worth developing lateron, or worth having others input over. Micro blogging for the good majority of people is another way to feel connected to people in our increasingly impersonal world. How many people do you remember seeing in high school daily you now see on a once a year basis? Micro blogging isnt about being lonely for many people its about being able to touch the lifes and thoughts of so many of your friends you may not be able to reach in a single day. I guess when one does not have as many people to contact it would seem nerdy or trite. I do not do this form of communication but I have benefited several times form the thought or quick review that I have received from someone doing this. So in short I am sorry you do not understand innovation and connectivity or need it as much as others do , but to relegate it to secondhand dribble is trite and rude.