Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where to put your Pantyhose!

I recently read a very entertaining article on "other" uses for pantyhose. I don't ever wear them, myself, but I do have a few in the back of my drawer... maybe I'll try a few of these:

Idea #5. Gardeners can use strips of cut up hose to tie up plants in the garden. (Yeah, my tomatos were pretty gangly last year in my first attempt at my own veggie garden.)

Idea #10 When paint goes lumpy you can strain it through a stretched out piece of pantyhose. (I should totally do this! I always leave the lid off too long while I'm painting and get those yucky lumps!)

Check out 18 more creative and frugal ideas for old pantyhose at Gomestic! While you are there, you may also be interested in reading their Six Environmentally Friendly Money Savers.