Monday, March 3, 2008

My Latest Craft!

My newest trick is actually a food-craft! Sushi! Yes, I the Thrifty Domestica, have taught myself to make it at home! I was forced to do this for several reasons. 1. I love sushi with a passion! 2. HH hates sushi and won't take me to sushi bars. 3. It would be a lot cheaper for me to make it at home than buy it in the grocery store (not that any of the grocery stores in my tiny town sell it anyway!) and 4. It looks so cool and fun, I just had to try it!

So the last time I was in Whole Foods I picked up a sushi mat and some organic sushi nori (the seaweed sheets) for myself. The back of the package of nori had some tips on how to cook the rice and roll the sushi. However, upon experimentation, I found this information to be incomplete. I don't know if it was because I used regular long grain white rice, or what, because they suggested cooking it WAY too long! The result was almost spreadable with a knife! Not the nice texture I was going for!

However, I did learn something interesting. The nori is very dry and light. It's easy to break it getting it out of the package. Once you put the rice on it, it will quickly absorb some moisture from the rice and become soft and a little bit rubbery. It needs enough moisture from the rice to get nice and soft. Also the rice must be moist enough to really stick together well. I also found that it needs a little flavored rice vinegar to give it some flavor, otherwise the sushi will taste really boring. Letting the roll rest for a few minuets after you roll it and before you cut it helps it stay together a little better, as well as allowing the nori to finish absorbing moisture and gain the best texture. Also, make sure you use a REALLY sharp knife. It is so devastating to ruin your nice roll by smooshing it with a dull knife!

And now, here are some recipes to whet your appetite! Go try them yourself!
California Sushi Roll
Philly Roll
Crazy Kiwi Sushi Roll
Simple Tuna Roll (lots of other recipes on this page)