Monday, March 24, 2008

The 10 Diaperbag Essentials

I hate clutter, and I love not having a back ache. So, I have carefully researched and experimented in the scientific field of Diaper Bag Management. The rewards have been outstanding! Being equipped for nearly every instance, while not being overloaded with any unnecessary items is the ideal all moms of little ones strive for.

One of the prime directives in this science is "Think Small". Choose the smallest sized diaper bag that will adequately fit your needs. Trim any unneeded items, and buy a small size in the items you do carry.

The second directive is to think about where you are going and how long you will be out. (i.e. Take what you Need, Not what you Don't!) My average shopping/lunch trip is about 3 hours. I try to keep it to that because my kids still need naps. Your needs may be different, which in that case you may need to scale this list to fit your average outing.

The third directive is to leave extra stuff that you might need, but probably won't, but shouldn't be caught without IN THE CAR. I have a medium sized box that I keep extra diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for each child, hats, sunblock, bug spray, a large towel, paper towels and antibacterial wipes in. I also pack an extra juice box or two, and some snacks for in the car. I don't carry these things in with me to the store, library, or wherever else I am going. That is my backup supply for IN THE CAR. I often allow my 2 year old to select one or two toys to take with him. Those don't stay in the car, that is the rule. I attach a different toys to my baby's carrier, so she also has variety, yet my car remains relatively free of toy castoffs.

Now that you have my general scientific philosophy, here are the specifics of the 10 Essentials!

  1. 2 diapers per child
  2. small travel wipes (I like the new plastic bag ones from Huggies with more wipes, but no hard plastic. Yes, I still refill them, just less often!)
  3. Antibacterial Spray (there are these little pen-looking spray dispensers now... very tiny, very multipurpose... they work for hands, as well as shopping carts and restaurant tables)
  4. 1 juice cup per child (or bottle, if you're still in the bottle phase, and one of those to go formula packets)
  5. A baggie of cheerios, or other healthy emergency snack
  6. Tissues
  7. Infant Tylanol
  8. First Aid Kit in a Baggie (several alcohol wipes, bandaids, antibiotic cream)
  9. A Camera
  10. Mom's Essentials Bag (Keys, Cell Phone, Wallet, a Pen and whatever else you can't leave home without. I actually devote the small front pocket of my diaper bag to these things, but if you carry one of those un-divided tote types, try putting your things together in a small makeup bag or the like)

There you have it! All of the above fits neatly into my "diaper bag". Yes, everything really fits into something this small! And it's hands free!