Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Day

Well, it is Earth Day today! To celebrate, we walked to the grocery store this morning, and we paid with paper, not plastic. I did buy the only local produce they carried, East Texas Yams (which I will make home-made baby food out of) and also bought some hot sausage made by a local guy. I did forget the re-usable bags, unfortunately, and our small local grocer doesn't sell them himself yet. (*kicks self for forgetting re-usable bags on Earth Day*) I do re-use the horrible plastic grocery sacks as diaper pail/trash can liners, so at least I don't BUY plastic bags. But still... oh well!

Speaking of plastic, I know everybody has been so upset about the plastic baby bottles and kids cups lately, with the BPA leeching. Why haven't I written about it before, you ask? Well, I try to be wary of scare stuff, and before today I really hadn't found any articles about it that weren't either scare, propaganda by plastic companies (or those they fund), or just too little real information to be useful. But today on cnet one of my favorite bloggers on Green Tech turned his diligent attention to a nice multi-page write up about the different types of plastics. He kinda came at it from a recycling viewpoint, but very kindly mentioned the toxic chemicals by name in each type of plastic, which is something that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. You'll see over the pictures they have the links to the rest of the pages in the article. I don't know why he only has them at the top, it frustrated me for a moment because I was like, "Is this first page the whole article???" But no, read all 9 pages, please, if you have any questions about what's up with toxic plastic, you'll be glad you did!