Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother's Day in my thoughts

Mother's day is a pretty big deal to me. I have many wonderful women in my life that I owe deep thanks and appreciation toward. But it's also a time that I like to ponder for a little while just what my life is about, and what all of this diaper changing, floor mopping, and tiny sock folding really means in the big picture.

I've made a big commitment to my small people to be there for them at all times and in all seasons. While I was pondering the meaning of that, I was thinking especially about my little boy who is two and a half. And just the amazing person he is. I can already see so many creative expressions, oppinions, fears, joys, desires, curiosity, and a sense of humor just boiling up in his little body. Like the seed of a great tree just beginning to sprout. I see those things in my baby girl too, but somehow the magic of two and a half, not really a toddler any more, but a little learner, explorer, helper, and questioner, makes the revealation of what a big person he will become somewhat more deeply real and tangible
Love Song for a Son

I love that my name
Is the first thing on your lips
In the morning
I love that your laugh
Is my favorite sound
In the world
Your smile is like
A rainbow through a storm
And your kiss could melt
Any heart of stone
Every day I try to tell you
What you mean to me
But somehow I can't seem to grasp
This simple mystery
You are, and will always be
My child
My Child
I love that you're my Child.
I love that your eyes
Are what they see
Of me in you
I love that your spark
Is always Shining through
You are, and will always be
The special one God chose for me
You are my child
My child
I love that you're my child