Friday, June 13, 2008

Free Vitamin Samples

I always love to find out about free samples! I got a tip from a reader, Lisa, that Nature Made is giving away 14 day supplies of some of their most popular vitamins! Click this link then choose the type of vitamin you'd like a sampl of from the tabs along the top. It does only allow you to choose one sample to receive, but they don't charge any shipping, and you don't have to get any newsletters if you don't want to. (It's so nice that they give you that option not to!) I must say that I was rather impressed at how well-intentioned the Nature Made vitamin company comes across, offering a good free sample, and then not being too pushy. I think I'll remember that the next time I'm in the vitamin isle. ;)


Rachel said...

UPDATE: I got my vitamins and I love them! They are small, easy to swollow gel-caps, no bad taste or anything! Don't you love free stuff that works good!?!