Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sew your own Picknic Blanket

I always feel bad using a quilt as a picnic blanket. It gets dirty and grassy, and they are a pain to wash. I also don't have one that is quite small enough, and big and bulky just hasn't been cutting it.

So I decided to make my own! In addition to smaller, I wanted a waterproof bottom layer, so that if I inadvertently set it down someplace wet, I won't be regretting it the whole afternoon. So I hunted down a cheep rectangular vinyl table cloth from Dollar General in a cute aqua color. I then got 4 different fabrics that complimented the aqua. (1 yard each)

I cut the fabrics into 12 inch quilt blocks and arranged them in a random cute pattern, then sewed them in strips, then into the quilt top. I had a spare piece of cotton batting that I trimmed down to the size of the tablecloth.

I made a sandwhich of the quilt top (wrong side up), the batting, then the tablecloth. I smoothed it all out, and pinned around the edge, then trimmed the quilt top to match the other two layers. I then used some of the extra fabric to make a double-bias binding to go around the edge and hold it all together.

Finally I tacked through the 3 layers at each of the quilt square corners to tie everything together all nice and secure. It folds up pretty small, and works great!