Thursday, July 10, 2008

T-shirt shopping cart/highchair cover!

The other day, I was at the fabric store looking at patterns for shopping cart and highchair covers. I was rather frustrated and the largeness and bulky-ness, and was thinking how I wished that instead of making a "fitted" one, I could make something stretchy that would accomodate any size. I had picked up a remnant of knit t-shirt-like fabric (to make babylegs tights for my daughter) and I began playing with the idea of making a cart cover out of a similar fabric. Then the thought struck me! What is a cart cover really? A tube with a hole in the end for your kid's legs that would stretch over the cart (or highchair) to cover the unsanitary parts! Kinda like a t-shirt with no arm holes, ya know???

I had recently cleaned out my husband's t-shirt drawer, and had a stack that was to be donated, so I selected one of the nearly new ones with a good amount of stretch to it. I cut off the sleaves and sewed up the holes, adding loops of ribon for toy attachments. I considered cutting slits in the back for the belt to go through, but decided against it, as the belts are often the most disgusting part, and the t-shirt was not so bulky as to limit the belt being fastened around it with my daughter inside. So that's it! Check it out!


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