Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ideas for squeezing in some EXERCISE!

I enjoy exercising!  I love it, in fact.  I would rather be out walking, listening to a good informative podcast than sitting on the couch watching TV.  However, after a long day and the kids are finally asleep, that's exactly what I often find myself doing.  (My snugly, attention-starved husband also contributes to this behavior!)  So I am on a quest to find time and ways to do my exercising during the day, while my kids are (gasp!) awake.  

I was recently reading on the List Mama Blog and found that she's made a little motivational/idea list for just such a purpose as mine.  See if she's thought of anything you haven't yet!

  • Make weekly exercise goals for yourself. This will give you some guidance and motivation.  (Does putting it on my Google Calendar count?)
  • Wake up an hour earlier. For many people, the morning is the most productive time of the day. Capitalize on that by getting an early walk or jog in before the kids wake up.  (Groans and knods)
  • Find a buddy. Use it as a ladies evening out. Meet on a trail or in the mall and start walking. (I have had success using this method!)
  • Wear comfy clothes to the bus stop and then when the kids have just pulled away, get your jog or walk in before you have time to come up with any excuses.
  • Take a break during lunch to sneak in a walk or an exercise class. (My MIL is great at this!)
  • Exercise before you pick up your kids from daycare or school.  (This can't apply to me because I don't believe in either of those things, plus my kids are too young)
  • Wait until the children are in bed to climb on your elliptical machine or do a Tae Bo video.  (I wish I could do this more regularly!)
  • Play tag or soccer or run races with your children. (That counts?!?!) 
  • Take a family yoga class.  ($$$)
  • Put on some music and everyone DANCE!

  • Have any good ideas of your own for squeezing in more excercise?