Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The JUNK arrives in Hawaii today!

You may have heard about the two guys who are sailing a raft made up completely of post-consumer waste (JUNK!) from Long Beach to Hawaii. They have kept a detailed blog about their voyage, what they've found while at sea, and information about what is happening to our sea water because of plastic trash being washed out to sea.

Here is an intro about their journey.

Here's an example of videos they take while on their journey, floating toward Hawaii.

All that photodegrading plastic in the oceans has a big impact on sea creatures, fish, mamals and birds. Here's a video that's pretty gross, and brutally honest.

So what do we do? Well, in responce to this knowledge, I am examining the areas we produce the most trash in our household, and am aiming to start with reducing in the largest area first: plastic baggies, and plastic water bottles.

So what are you doing to cut down on plastics?


She sure is strange! said...

That last film is just a gut blow. How horrible!! We don't use plastic bottles, haven't for several years, but we do use the bags(and reuse them for cleaning cat boxes and other nasty messes.

You have one of the most interesting blogs I've read, very nicely done.


Anonymous said...

RECYCLE PEOPLE!!!No more plastic bottles for me and I only use plastic bags when I need soiled diaper bags :) and of course trash bags for yucky trash....I never recycled until I moved to Japan and now I wouldnt have it any other way!!!