Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To sanitize or not to sanitize?

Everyone was scarred when all the stories of kids being made sick by hand sanitizer was circulated.  Many of us locked ours up, or at least hid it in the medicine cabinate or with our cleaning supplies.  The health concerns are certainly justified, especially if you, like me, have a little one who loves sticking things in her mouth.

But while the safety concerns of hand sanitizer are serious, the stuff can also do some serious good, as has been proven by many studies. (Like this one, and this one)  It can't be denied that there is good evidence that it is a proven defence against rotovirus.  

There are some new, organic hand sanitizers on the market.  They aren't perfect, but are a nice middle ground between highly toxic/poisonous and germ covered little hands.

CleanWell Alcohol-free hand sanitizer that is non-toxic and readily biodegradable.
Benedetta  Made with non-GMO (genetically modified organism) alcohol and Jojoba oil.
EO Uses non-drying biodynamic grape alcohol and organic essential oils.

Always remember that good old soap and water is really the best thing for fighting germs and keeping everyone healthy!