Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Etsy Shop is finally up!

I suppose I've always known I'd eventually get around to opening one. I've always loved the idea, but the question was, what would I sell?

Well, so many people have commented that I should sell my nursing covers, that making those to put on Etsy was almost a given. But I have recently discovered another crafting passion! Knit baby hats! The discovery came when I had a hard time finding a hat for my 1 year old daughter who has a small head. Newborn hats were too small, but toddler hats were way too big! Upon questioning other mom friends, I found that many agreed it was hard to find anything outstandingly cute for that hard-to-fit 6-18 month age. Once they saw the hats I was making for my little girl, they were hooked! (knitting pun, haha!)

I have some other ideas in the works for additional items to my shop, but you'll have to check it out later to see! In the mean time, my etsymini is in the sidebar, so please check out my items, and add my shop to your favorites!