Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Handy Hubby

My HH graduated from grad school in December, so since then he's been catching up on some projects that have been neglected around the house (he has worked full time, while going to grad school full time, so needless to say, my "honey-dos" took a back seat). But recently he has done a couple things that have just made me fall in love with him again! Behold, my very own wash sink! Any mommy who deals with exploding dirty diapers, and 3 year-olds who love mud REALLY needs one of these. I did my best without one for a long time. But HH finally bought the sink, built the stand for it, and did all the plumbing work for it himself! I love it; it's great!

The second thing he's done is help me with a couple things for my beloved veggies. Last year I carried ash from our burn pile to my garden in a wheelbarrow and dumped it in. I did not realize that the ash was still hot enough to smolder through my landscaping timbers!!! Yes, I caught the grass on fire, and would have burned down the fence, if I hadn't seen the smoke in time! Alas my poor garden went for a year without proper edging. You can see the nice new timbers down at the end in the picture, where my HH repaired them.

You can also see in the picture that I have a fancy veggie irrigation system now! Yes, my hybrid beefsteak beauties will never have to fear the drought again! He even put little hoses in my planters, where I'm going to try some herbs this year! What a guy!