Monday, May 4, 2009

Morning Routine

I came across The Inspired Room's post about her morning routine. I guess I was just facinated by the many responses. It made me a little more reflective upon my own routine! Here is what works for me... there's no coffee, no dogs, and no bed making right away. (Though that's because my HH is still in the bed when I get up)

Get up, pee, put contacts in, brush teeth, wash face
Talk to HH for a min as he's getting in the shower
Go to the kitchen, take in the disaster left over from last night, and get to work
Make smoothies, make HH's lunch (big salad)
Get the kids up, and make them pee (I have a 3 year old, and a 20 mo old who is potty training)
Get them breakfast, kiss HH and send him out the door with his fuel for the day
Sip my smoothie, make my lists for the day, and keep working on the dishes
Set the kids down in front of something educational and take my shower
Make my bed, clean the room, get some laundry going
Then I sit down and check my e-mail, the weather, and other news

Then depending on what day it is, I'll do my cleaning, shopping, take my kids to the library, walk with a friend (we're stroller buddies), or take care of some things I volunteer with for my church. Then it's lunch, naps, and I try to get some more time on the computer, or work on my various projects around the house, or do some crafts. I may also try to get a head start on dinner. Then HH gets home, and we get some excercise. Then it's baths for the kids, dinner and bed time. HH and I watch a movie or a couple shows online and have our "us" time.

I am totally envious of women who have the energy of getting their kitchen cleaned up after dinner. By that time of the day, I am just ready to sit down, especially after getting the kids washed, fed, and put to bed. But eventually I'd like to get into the habit of cleaning up before bed. It would make the morning so much nicer!

Please share your schedule and any tips on keeping your morning organized and getting a lot done!


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