Friday, January 22, 2010

So where have I been?

Well, my 5 faithful followers have probably given up on my poor blog by now! I'll have to admit, my time and energy has been diverted elsewhere for quite some time now. It started back last May or so... my quest was to find my hubby's next awesome job. You know, the one that makes tons more mulah, and takes advantage of that hard earned master's degree?

So after I accomplished that, well then the house had to be gotten ready to sell, so the painting commenced (thanks to my wonderful parents and brother for all the help with that!) and then of course there was the packing, finding a temporary place to live while we waited for our house to sell, moving into such place (a cute, not too tiny appartment).

Then we had this weird limbo phase where we were going back to our house every weekend (fortunately only an hour and forty-five min away) to take care of the yard, go through all the random extra stuff I'd left at the house because the appartment wasn't big enough, (yeah, I got rid of most of it!) and just hope and pray that our house would sell. Well, praise the Lord, it did... and it didn't take forever, and we actually didn't lose money or anything!

So now we are pretty well settled in and have been looking for a house in our new city. This has been pretty fun, mostly due to the fact that our new church is the perfect culmination of God's soverignty; everything we have prayed for and hoped for in a church home!

I have about 4 "Ebineezers" in my life, I like to call them; marking stones that define where God did something so huge, it really was "exceedingly abundantly more than all I could ask or imagine". The first one was how God lead us out of youth ministry, totally reliant upon Him for a job and money to live, and through like 3 different avenues, God just totally provided for everything, and got my husband a job that was far better than what he'd wanted, and even set us on our current job track (that we hadn't even considered or known was possible!).

The second Ebineezer was our house in LS. There was nothing on the market that we could bring ourselves to consider. It was all too expensive or, ahem... gross. Well, there was one house that we liked, but not that much, and really couldn't afford, and we almost bought it anyway, except that God finally showed us He had the perfect house picked out just for us. On the lake. With 3 BIG bedrooms, and a kitchen pantry to make you swoon. And it didn't need to be gutted and everything redone and painted. Okay, okay, we came up with pleanty of projects while we were there, but most of the work involved the yard, so at least I got to enjoy the lake while riding the lawn mower around the 30 ancient pine trees. (*sigh* I miss my trees!)

The third Ebineezer was E's birth! The doctor saved her life at least twice! You see, she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck 4 times! She was also a week late before I finally gave up and let myself be induced (water popped) so she also asperated meconium, and had to stay in the hospital for a week of antibiotics. I was so afraid during the labor, knowing from the ultrasound that the cord was around her neck, that she would be oxygen deprived. Her heart rate would go down with each contraction, and the nurses would get that look, you know, the one that says they want to call the doctor back in AGAIN. But he was so great! He worked WITH me and E, stimulating her, and when the time came, getting her out quickly, and deftly removing that strangulating cord. God is soverign, that's all I know! She should have been oxygen deprived, she should have asthema, so many things that would have been fair and to be expected..... but He made her so perfect, so SMART, so much more than we deserve!

So the last Ebineezer would have to be CF, our new church home. Again, so much more than we deserve! The worship we've been longing for (teaching and music), the companionship of families with the same views and goals, and it's just so ripe with ministry opportunities and resourses.... it's like opening a new paint set and you get a flash of all the beautiful things that those colors will become. It's what we've prayed for, and hoped for, but was never sure was really real. It's not what anyone would imagine the "perfect church" is like: small, crowded, not enough parking, slightly disorganized... but it's just so genuine, humble, faithful in persuing what God's will really is, regardless of personal preference.

We would have never found it if God hadn't set us on the right job path (not of our choosing) and guided us to LS, through grad school, to apply for a job that was really a long shot, especially in the "current job market", to take us to a city that we never would have picked off the map to move to (no mountains, or trees) where this little body of believers was just waiting for us to come home to them. All I know is, God is soverign!


Kristen said...

That's so great...sounds like you are doing really well! Miss ya.